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"As mid-century modern fans, we had been following Tanya’s listings for years, as she’s set herself apart as an expert agent in that style of homes. When it came time to sell our own MCM home, we didn’t hesitate to contact her, knowing that she had the market knowledge we’d need to sell our house to the right buyer. Once we met her in person, we were even more impressed. Not only is she incredibly professional and organized, she is an all-around wonderful person. We needed to list and sell our home in what seemed like an impossible timeline in order to make a contingent purchase on a new house out of state. Tanya was there every step of the way, helping us plan, scheduling cleaners, and communicating with the sellers of our new house. We were able to accept an offer within 6 days of listing, even as the Seattle market started to show signs of slowing."


"Tanya is not only a wonderful, helpful, happy, relaxed person, she knows the real estate business inside and out! I worked with her getting my father's house ready for sale in 2006. She organized a special evening open house with an organization interested in mid-century modern houses by well known architects and it was very well attended. Then, my father decided not to sell and move. Tanya was most gracious and undaunted. I said, "Some day, I don't know when, you will sell this house!" Fast forward ten years to 2016. After my father's passing, I called Tanya to say I was working again to get the house ready for sale. She came over immediately to give me advice on what needed to be done and what was just fine already. My father had an enormous shop with every tool, large and small, ten times over. He had made every piece of modern furniture in the house. I sold the large machines and distributed others to family, but I was still overwhelmed with tools. As an example of Tanya's helpfulness, she volunteered and notified her neighborhood network about the shop and selected several people she thought would be interested in the remains. The three people who came by helped clean out all the rest. It gave me a great feeling to know all these tools would be used again. Then, Tanya and Aaron artfully staged the house with their collection of mid-century modern furniture and had the house recorded by an architectural photographer. The pictures were so beautiful she made a book of them and gave it to me as a now-treasured keepsake. Needless to say her preparation, advice, planning and open houses helped me at every turn. When the house finally went on the market, an offer met our price and sold the first day. Done! I cannot recommend Tanya highly enough. She was just perfect in every way. I'd be happy to talk to anyone about the experience in person! I so appreciate all the thoughtful things she did for me during a stressful time in my life! She was a gift!"


"Tanya Thackeray Wilson is an extraordinary real estate agent. She is extremely knowledgeable and honest, gives sage advice, works pleasantly with all people, makes paperwork understandable and easily completed, is efficient and well-organized, and most of all is unusually supportive during the entire process. Oh yes, she offered four buyers in three days. She gets results! I could not recommend her more highly."

"My husband and I had a great experience working with Tanya to buy our first home. She was never pushy or salesy with us (which was one of my big fears about working with a real estate agent), but always gave us her honest opinion when asked. As first-time buyers, we had a lot of questions about the offer process (especially in a crazy market like Seattle), and she patiently walked us through it all. She gave us a piece of advice that actually led to us finding a house in the neighborhood we really wanted but thought we could never afford. We had to move fast to get it, but Tanya worked VERY quickly to make all the calls and arrangements so we didn't miss out. She was a really good personality fit for us, and we'll definitely work with her again if we need to buy or sell in the future!"

"I'm a multi-family developer. Tanya listed 7 modern LEED Platinum certified townhomes in the Fremont area for me. She did an incredible job with all aspects of the selling process. Tanya is professional, personable, and has great taste."


"My husband and I are very different people, so, when it came to entering into the throes of buying house in the Seattle market, I was worried - not that it was going to end my marriage worried, but pretty sure it wasn't going to be easy, nor fun, and, frankly, somewhat terrifying. Tanya worked with me and my husband as individuals to help us navigate the Seattle market, adapting her style to accommodate our different styles. She went above and beyond, always willing to talk to us together or separately to answer our questions. She really made the process positive for both me and my husband, which was no small feat. Her automatic housing updates that were sent to us as houses came on the market was how we found the house we ended up buying. She previewed houses in advance of showing them to us to make sure they were met the essential criteria we were looking for, and, when it came time, helped us write the best possible offer given our financial and personal situation. When unexpected things happened in the process, like the buyer deciding to back out, she helped us navigate those waters with professional expertise, putting us first to ensure that we weren't pressured into anything that we didn't want. I highly recommend Tanya Thackeray Wilson as a realtor. While buying a house in Seattle is terrifying, she was essential in our success and, despite my worries, did make it easy and even somewhat fun. Our family owes her a great deal in helping us find a house that met our needs in this hectic market."


"I can not speak highly enough about Tanya. She just helped us sell a house (first time selling) and she was amazing through the entire process! We had interviewed another real estate agent, and what Tanya brought to the table was above and beyond, and there truly was no comparison between the two agents. Tanya shined so bright compared to the other agent. From the start to finish, Tanya was organized, professional, patient and kind. Not to mention her great business sense! Her communication was amazing and always felt in close contact (whether via email, text or phone). The entire process was beyond smooth and I can't imagine the selling of our house going any was a dream come true! We wish would could take Tanya to help us pick out our new house, but unfortunately, we are moving out of state! I cannot recommend Tanya enough and anyone who works with her will be in great hands! Thank you again Tanya for all you did and such a positive experience!"

"As first time home buyers, my wife and I needed an agent who could not only help us navigate the competitive Seattle market, but also help us drill down on our 'must haves' and 'priorities' lists. We met with Tanya initially based on a glowing endorsement, and never thought to consider another agent. Tanya was organized, realistic, patient, and a great strategist. It was clear from the start that she understood the Seattle market and what it was going to take to get an offer accepted. We were most impressed by the fact that Tanya just about always knew whether a house was realistically in our price range, so we saved a decent amount on the inspections that we did not initiate. Over the 3-4 months that we were looking, we never once thought "Why didn't we inspect and put an offer on that one?" Similarly, she employed a few creative strategies to keep inspection costs down, like negotiating with other agents who had clients bidding to have the winning bidder pick up the inspection costs. Although we were outbid on the first few houses, at the end of the process, I'm sure we saved a few thousand dollars on inspection costs because of Tanya's guidance. Whenever we identified a house that we were seriously considering, Tanya was always able to rush the inspection and pull together the offer. I was impressed by her 8 am to 10 pm work ethic. I remember touring houses at 6 pm after work on a Thursday and thinking there was no way we'd be able to get a bid in by the 8 am offer review deadline, but Tanya was always willing to stay up and work as long as it was required to get the offer drafted and submitted. That happened more than once, and through the entire process Tanya maintained her pleasant, cheerful attitude. In the end, the house Tanya helped us buy ended up being significantly better than the first one we bid on, and about $50k less than we were willing to spend. She even convinced the seller to foot a $10k sewer repair, which I thought might be overreaching given that the market is so seller favorable. The closing process was painless and quick, and at the end of the experience I understood entirely why she had been referred to us with such a glowing endorsement. It's a sentiment we share and I would (and do) recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking for a house in Seattle. Finally, it's been several months since we bought our house and as first time homeowners we barely know what we are doing. Fortunately, whenever I need the name of a good tree removal company, electrician, chimney sweep, etc., I know that I can just email Tanya and she'll give me the name of the right person. There's no reason for her to respond as quickly as she does at this point other than that she clearly cares about her clients. I can't imagine what characteristics and skills an agent would have to exhibit to rate higher than Tanya."

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